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Veronica only uses treatment backed by research

Registered Psychologist Veronica Dixon is a highly trained Clinical Psychologist who offers a range of psychotherapeutic services and welcomes clients 8 years of age up to and including older adults. Veronica founded South Calgary Psychology because she believes firmly in providing empirically validated treatments that will bring about change in the quickest means possible for clients who feel ‘stuck’ or overwhelmed. For more information on the services offered, please review the other pages of this website.

Veronica knows change is possible!

Veronica has been practicing for more than ten years. Veronica has extensive experience and training in the treatment of many persistent mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety, chronic pain, complex health problems, disabling injuries, and eating disorders. Veronica knows that change is possible and she helps clients achieve long-lasting change by using therapeutic interventions that are proven effective through rigorous research- empirically validated therapies. She is primarily a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) and she is committed to teaching skills that you can use to effectively change your life. The goal of therapy is for you to feel happier and to live the life you want, and to no longer feel overwhelmed, hopeless, or ‘stuck’. For more information on Veronica, her experience, and mental health challenges she has successfully treated please refer to the other pages on this website.

Veronica will work with you to make long-lasting change

As a clinician, Veronica is committed to her clients’ psychological health. She is resourceful and persistent. Veronica believes that each individual is unique, and as such, she will custom design a treatment plan that works for you.

phone 403.256.1667     email web@SouthCalgaryPsychology.com     address Suite 300 - 340 Midpark Way SE,   Fish Creek Executive Centre
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